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Austin Market Overview

Austin Real Estate Market – Seller Update – August 2014

Homeowners Looking to Sell Their Property Are in Control The real estate industry is red hot in Austin right now. As Austin’s popularity and growth has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, the local housing marketplace has turned into a sellers’ market, where homeowners looking to sell their property have the control. Both the […]
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Austin Real Estate Market Update – August 2014

 Austin Home Prices Increase 7% year-over-year Over the last year, the Austin area has seen a marked increase in activity in the real estate industry, which continues to thrive with the influx of new transplants and the ongoing residential development efforts. Austin continues to be the next big place to be, and the real estate […]
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It’s a buyer’s market, so why aren’t we buying Austin real estate?

“Be Fearful when others are Greedy. Be Greedy when others are Fearful” The above quote from Warren Buffet encapsulates how a financially-savvy person should approach the Austin housing market. But, that’s not what’s happening. Truth of the matter is, people are not buying homes during this time of historically low interest rates (I just refinanced at 4.25%!) in conjunction with some of the lowest Austin housing prices we’ve seen in years. So, why aren’t people buying homes in Austin, TX?
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How to Predict What’s Happening in the Austin Real Estate Market

Austin Real Estate ShowingsMany of our clients have asked us – how is the market? As real estate professionals, this question is often the first thing our friends ask at social gatherings.  A seemingly innocuous question, but one that can cause many things to happen. If the market is perceived as good for sales, sellers may decide to […]
Austin Real Estate Showings
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What’s Happening with Interest Rates and What it Means to You

Interest Rates at a Historical Low — Now is a good time to buy Take a moment to watch our latest lender update: [display_podcast] It’s great that Interest Rates are low, but what does that mean to me? Did you know that for a $200k home, with 5% for a down payment, with the current […]
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Will Austin Real Estate speed up…to 220 mph?

formula-oneAccording to the press, it appears that our hometown of Austin, Texas will be the host city for the Formula One United States Grand Prix. What will this do for Austin real estate?
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The Real Dollars And Cents Cost of Waiting to Buy

If you will take advantage of FHA financing (loan amounts up to $288,750), waiting will only cost you more money. The cost of FHA financing, due to the national delinquencies, is increasing
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The First Time Homebuyer Extension has been signed into law!

istock_000006598794xsmallGreat News for Virgins who held out for their first time. If you haven’t owned a home in the last 3 years, you are still eligible for the $8,000 tax credit. Just approved by the President, the Credit will extend through April 30th to contract on a home. You will have through June 30th to close on it.
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Property Virgins Hurry, Your First-Time Stimulus is Running Out!

First Time Home Buyer Tax CreditAlright virgins, it’s great to wait for just the right house but wait no more. You are running out of time to take advantage of a rare first-time homebuyer opportunity an $8000 tax credit available only to you virgins.
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Here Come Higher Interest Rates

v-graph-mainOn the fence? What would you do if I said that both interest rates and home prices were going to increase tomorrow?
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