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With 184 Google reviews, 521 Yelp reviews, and nearly 5-star reviews over all, Franklin Barbecue on 900 East Austin 11th Street is doing something right.

There is a reason why they sell out every day, sometimes before lunch, and the line starts at around 9 am. Bon Appetit magazine named their operation, “The Best Barbecue” in the country in June 2011.

The location is perfect if you are travelling. Franklin BBQ is just a couple blocks from the highway, on East 11th Street in East Austin. You can see the Texas Capital right from their patio, and you can walk just up the hill ...


Craving for a great cup of coffee near Brentwood? The Monkey Nest Organic Coffee & Bakery can satisfy your cravings!

When I entered the Monkey Nest, first thing I noticed was the jam-packed people in the place on what I thought was a quiet, Monday afternoon. There were different kinds of people; young and old, people of different cultures, students, businessmen and women, book readers, game players, —even a family or two. Almost every table was topped with a laptop or tablet computer, enjoying free Wi-Fi for all. Sometimes live bands ...


Are you the type who enjoys photography, along with vintage clothing and vinyl records?

If you do, you need to stop by South Austin Gallery in Bouldin. It’s located on the corner of W. Mary St. and South 1st next to the Soup Peddler. What a great find in the Bouldin neighborhood. This gallery has a vast collection of different photos taken all over Austin. When you walk inside you will notice unique and creative coasters and cutting boards with photographs that capture local hotspots, business, and scenery.

The idea of this gallery started in 2005 with the owners Jennifer and Joseph Worth sel...


When platted in 1891, Hyde Park was officially the first suburb in Austin. For the first few years after platting the suburb was marketed to the city’s elite. The original developer, Monroe Martin Shipe, emphasized large plats with grand houses. This marketing was not the success he hoped and he decided to change tacts and go the other direction and market to the working middle class. The plats were smaller and the homes built were modest frame houses and smaller bungalows. Steady growth followed this change, with a significant rise in growth between 1924 and 1935.

I spoke with Art Silver of Quack’...


Do you ever daydream about pizza?

While others daydream about their approaching day off, their significant other, a nice summer vacation or what they are going to buy next — I have a confession — I often find myself daydreaming about pizza.

Maybe it’s because it is a pleasure that I can only indulge in when I feel really bad or maybe due to the fact that, it is just so damn good.

Either way, Mercury Pizza, found in the neighborhood of SOLA, added fuel to the fire on my never-ending daydreams about pizza — I always find myself longing for a Velvet Sadie. Have I lived such a shelt...


This is for anyone and everyone in Travis Heights who loves art!

If you ever happen to be strolling along South Congress around Travis Heights, and looking at the different stores, you must stop at Yard Dog. It’s a great find! Yard Dog Art Gallery features contemporary folk art, outsider art, fine art, funky art and pop art from the different parts of North America.

They opened in September 1995 and have been selling unique pieces from all over the country. They had featured different artists from all over and they are very particular about the art that is displayed in the store.



Where else in Austin can you find such eclecticism in eateries?

It starts with the “spice of life” with Tex-Mex style restaurants such as Vivo, El Chile and Mi Madres and segues into a combination of health food, upscale dining, comfort food, coffee shops and casual eating from your choice of air streams – with the likes of Eastside Café, Hoovers, Thunderbird, and Sushi-a-go-go.  You won’t go hungry or lack for choices if you select Cherrywood/French Place for your night on the town or Sunday brunch.

Let’s take a look (or should I say a taste) at one of Cherrywood and French Place ...