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Featured Spot: Vivo

Where else in Austin can you find such eclecticism in eateries?

It starts with the “spice of life” with Tex-Mex style restaurants such as Vivo, El Chile and Mi Madres and segues into a combination of health food, upscale dining, comfort food, coffee shops and casual eating from your choice of air streams – with the likes of Eastside Café, Hoovers, Thunderbird, and Sushi-a-go-go.  You won’t go hungry or lack for choices if you select Cherrywood/French Place for your night on the town or Sunday brunch.

Let’s take a look (or should I say a taste) at one of Cherrywood and French Place iconic establishments – Vivo.

A rose by any other name smells of ambiance – Vivo La Vida or “Vivo” is Life.

If atmosphere is as important to your palate as the food, allow your sense of style to be swept away as Vivo’s generously graces every woman with a fresh rose. And then there is the unique combination of indoor/outdoor dining each with its own sense of style and ambiance.  Enjoy the outdoor patio with eclectic furniture, artwork, and fountains or experience sensual romanticism indoors (think lush, dark, rich and artwork that evokes the senses) .  I don’t want to give away too much here – you must experience it for yourself as my description cannot do it justice.

Once the ambiance has you hooked then there is the food…

While I don’t consider myself a “foodie,” the mere mention of the “special green” sauce at Vivo makes my heart go pitter-patter and my mouth begin to water. Even as I write this I can’t stop thinking about the burning sensation the green sauce causes on my tongue.  The fire on the tongue starts slowly and builds to a crescendo that can only be drenched with their thirst-quenching Mexican Martini.  And if that isn’t enough, you can eat the pink and white swirly flower they so elegantly place in your martini glass.

Don’t bother trying to find out what makes the special sauce so special – I’ve tried and I can guarantee you it’s a secret as well-kept as the ingredients in Coca Cola or who killed JFK.   For those of you who are foodies, I would love for you to venture a guess as to what you think the special ingredient is that makes this special sauce special.  Perhaps, our combined palates can unravel the mystery together?  I am all for a field trip to try and figure it out!

So, you might ask, “What about Vivo’s other than the sauce, the drinks and the atmosphere?  Well, the food, of course!” My favorite dish is the Puffy Tacos. I mean, “Who makes puffy tacos? And what are they you might ask?”   They are a mouth-watering sensation of fried tortilla combined with your choice of guacamole, bean, tofu or beef.  How they get the taco so puffy is yet another Vivo mystery to be revealed on the field trip of my dreams.

Have you been to Vivo? If so, I welcome your best guess at the special sauce recipe, the puffy taco mystery or your favorite thing about your experience at Vivo.

Field trip anyone???

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