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One of the most fascinating neighborhoods in Austin: Hyde Park

01-Front-5505_avenue_g_MLS_HID663788_ROOMmg8517When platted in 1891, Hyde Park was officially the first suburb in Austin. For the first few years after platting the suburb was marketed to the city’s elite. The original developer, Monroe Martin Shipe, emphasized large plats with grand houses. This marketing was not the success he hoped and he decided to change tacts and go the other direction and market to the working middle class. The plats were smaller and the homes built were modest frame houses and smaller bungalows. Steady growth followed this change, with a significant rise in growth between 1924 and 1935.

I spoke with Art Silver of Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery yesterday and he tells me that what drew him to the location was the interesting character of the neighborhood. The complexion of the people that visit the coffee shop changes throughout the day, reflecting the variety of people who live in the area. There are students, as well as families and professionals.

Thomas Reeh, who lived in Hyde Park for 4 years loved the accessibility of the park and the friendliness of the families in the neighborhood. In addition to so many great neighbors, he loved to visit Flightpath Coffeehouse and buy sandwiches from the deli at the Avenue B Grocery and Market.

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