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Featured Spot: Mercury Pizza

Do you ever daydream about pizza?

Wall-of-Record-Album-Covers-at-Mercury-PizzaWhile others daydream about their approaching day off, their significant other, a nice summer vacation or what they are going to buy next — I have a confession — I often find myself daydreaming about pizza.

Maybe it’s because it is a pleasure that I can only indulge in when I feel really bad or maybe due to the fact that, it is just so damn good.

Favorite-Pizzanista-BrookeEither way, Mercury Pizza, found in the neighborhood of SOLA, added fuel to the fire on my never-ending daydreams about pizza — I always find myself longing for a Velvet Sadie. Have I lived such a sheltered life that I have never had a pizza that had sausage and meatballs? And then there is the Assassinista. My interpretation? It is to die for! It will “assassinate” your senses with the blend of bacon, pepperoni and bleu cheese — all on top of a bed of cheesy mozzarella! This pizza will surely blow your taste buds away!

In the words of my favorite “Pizzanista” Brooke, “It is totally out of this world.”  Hint: That is also why this pizza chain is named after the planet Mercury.

Another great thing about Mercury is it’s within walking distance so you won’t feel as guilty if you eat just a few too many slices — you can justify with the thought that you’re going to walk it off on your way back home.

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