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Featured Spot: Yard Dog

This is for anyone and everyone in Travis Heights who loves art!

If you ever happen to be strolling along South Congress around Travis Heights, and looking at the different stores, you must stop at Yard Dog. It’s a great find! Yard Dog Art Gallery features contemporary folk art, outsider art, fine art, funky art and pop art from the different parts of North America.

They opened in September 1995 and have been selling unique pieces from all over the country. They had featured different artists from all over and they are very particular about the art that is displayed in the store.

Yard Dog is always looking for new artists to bring to the gallery and get several submissions a month; but make a habit of choosing an artist who matches the type of art that Yard Dog is known for. It’s obvious when you walk into the store that each piece of art and the artist fits together somehow within this gallery.

If you are an art connoisseur, this is a spot that you won’t want to miss.

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