Riverside Grove Takes a Field Trip

198867_1852767351805_1019421293_2075668_6954813_nHow cool is it that your entire neighborhood gets up and goes to a basketball game together? Thanks to one of the awesome neighbors here, we were all treated to VIP seats in a private suite of the Cedar Park Center. We watched the Austin Torros take on the Texas Legends go in to 3 overtime quarters!

I think I should also mention that we just so happen to go on “Go Green Night” where the players wore green jerseys in support of green energy. So I think it’s quite appropriate that one of the most energy efficient places to live in Austin attend this game VIP style. Not to mention, the entire community crammed into one Toyota Prius Hybrid. Ok… maybe not. Nonetheless, we’re saving energy 24/7 365 days a year just living here! I mean let’s face it – If Austin Energy brings out a team regularly to use our townhouses as a lab for their air quality tests, I think we’re doing something right.

I can’t exaggerate how amazing it is to live in a place where the community is like one big family. It really is no like other place.  I didn’t even realize I was going to the game until I walked out of the model to find a VIP Suite ticket just sitting on my car window underneath the windshield wiper. Probably the coolest invite I’ve gotten in awhile. Riverside Grove is more than a green, modern, powerhouse community of townhomes, it’s a lifestyle and an experience full of memories to be made.

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